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Q & A Panel: Lean Startup & Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This panel will discuss how existing organisations, who are executing known business models, can raise the success of corporate innovation and entrepreneurship by applying the disciplines of Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Business Model Generation.

What can these disciplines bring in terms of improved outcomes; what challenges need to be grappled with; what are best practices and the ROI from using these disciplines; and how can Lean Startup reach a tipping point in a crowded field of buzzwords and jargon, and the related fatigue.

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  • Ben commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dan Toma, Barry O'Reilly and Anna Kuriakose are all on the panel.

  • Justin Souter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dan recently met with Steve Blank and having discussed with him innovation in the enterprise and also what was debated in the Lean LaunchPad class, Steve’s suggested discussion topics can be summed-up in 2 major questions:

    1. How do you convince executive of the necessity to innovate (and innovate using modern methodologies and techniques: agile engineering, customer development etc) & how to get buy-in for innovative endeavors.

    2. What works & doesn’t work in an enterprise incubator setting.

    Having watched the latest webcast from Eric, Patrick, and Brant, I came up with the following questions (either ‘closely modeled’ or stimulated by their discussion):

    1 - What are Actionable Metrics for established organisations?

    2 - What training is needed for colleagues to understand and harness Lean Startup?

    3 - How do you put out and MVP in an established corporate?

    4 - Is there a size beyond which Lean Startup is ineffective?

    5 - What sort of items should go into corporate Innovation guidelines?

    6 - How do you make it culturally acceptable to do search in an organisation which prioritises execution?

    7 - What are the quick wins?

    8 - What does Innovation Accounting look like in a corporate?

    9 - How do we attract positive attention for Lean Startup, when there is so much scepticism and fatigue about new ideas / initiatives / fads? How does one evolve the corporate culture to want to embrace Lean Startup?

    I doubt very much that we’ll have time to cover all these, so I’d welcome your feedback about which (of mine) to prioritise…

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